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Amino acid zinc complex
Amino acid zinc complex

Amino acid zinc complex

It is a kind of amino acid zinc complex product synthesized from soluble zinc salt and various amino acids (amino acids are derived from hydrolyzed plant protein)

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Chemical formula:

Appearance: Yellow and browned granular powder , anti-caking ,good fluidity


Amino acid zinc complex


Physical and Chemical indicator:





Total Amino acid,%


Chelation rate



≤3 mg/kg

Lead(Pb), mg/kg

≤5 mg/kg

Cadmium(Cd),  mg/lg

≤5 mg/kg

Particle size


Loss on drying



Amino acid zinc complex




Product Efficacy:

  1. A) This product is a total organic trace element chelated by pure plant enzyme-hydrolyzed small molecular peptides as chelating substrates and trace elements through special chelating process.
  2. B) The chemical properties of this product are stable, which can significantly reduce its damage to vitamins and fats, etc., and the use of this product is conducive to improving the quality of feed.
  3. C) The product is pinocytic absorbed by small peptides and amino acids to reduce the competition and antagonism with other trace elements, and has the best biological absorption and utilization rate.
  4. D) This product can improve immunity, promote growth, improve feed returns, improve fur gloss.
  5. E) Zinc is an important component of more than 200 enzymes, epithelial tissues, ribose and gustatins; Zinc can promote the rapid proliferation of tongue mucosa taste bud cells, regulate appetite, and inhibit intestinal harmful bacteria. Zinc acts as antibiotics, improve the secretion function of the digestive system and the activity of enzymes in the tissue cells.


Use and dosage:


(g/t in complete feed)


Pregnant and lactating sows


1. Improve the reproductive performance and service life of sows.

2. Improve the vitality of fetus and piglets, enhance disease resistance, so as to have better production performance in the later period.

3. Improve the body condition of pregnant sows and the birth weight of piglets.


Piglets , growing and fattening pig


1, Improve the immunity of piglets, reduce dysentery and mortality.

2, Improve feed palatability to increase feed intake, improve growth rate, improve feed returns.

3. Make pig hair color bright, improve carcass quality and meat quality.



1, Improve the luster of feathers.

2, Improve the laying rate and egg fertilization rate and hatching rate, and can strengthen the yolk coloring ability.

3. Improve the ability to resist stress, reduce the mortality rate.

4. Improve feed returns and increase growth rate.


Aquatic animals


1, Promote growth, improve feed returns.

1. Improve the ability to resist stress, reduce morbidity and mortality.





1. Improve milk yield, prevent mastitis and rotting hoof disease, and reduce somatic cell content in milk.

2, Promote growth, improve feed returns, improve meat quality.






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